Medical Innovations

"No two human being are the same and so how can we have implants of identical features for everybody"- we understand this requirement and our team of experts in collaborations of medical specialists are providing customized solutions for each individual. We have introduced the concept of LCC ( life cycle costing) and have been able to quantify the miseries , a person undergoes due to improper implants and ultimate damage to body parts. General implants leave patients with different degrees of disabilities and sufferings. We have been able to do this analysis successfully for dental implants and have capability to manufacture these implants on CNC ( computer numeric controlled ) machines and measure them on CMM ( Co-ordinate measuring machines) to deliver implants of accurate dimensions. Orthopedics is another field where our team of experts are working in close association with specialists for customizing orthopedics implants and artificial limbs for comfortable and zero disability life of patients. We support our Specialists with suitable presentation along with animation in order to give maximum satisfaction to their patients.

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