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HEWPL was founded by a group of former Indian Railways officers under guidance of IIT Kanpur with a vision to put their experience and expertise in this domain to aid the development of better mobility infrastructure.

Incubated at SIDBI Innovation Centre at IIT Kanpur, HEWPL has since grown to exceed expectations, now going beyond Railways and mobility and branching into medical equipments and using its formidable product design prowess in other domain-specific special purpose machines and providing sound technical consultancy to emerging players in several domains.

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Our Core Competencies

Veteran Engineers

Skilled Technicians

Effective Supervisors

Empowering Work Atmosphere

Proven Knowledge

Academia Backings

Our Strategic Partners

We believe that collaboration and communication form the basis of every fruitful venture and so, with each project, we first try to understand the dynamics of the situation along with the goals of our clients and then we offer our services only in the cases where it would benefit the project’s cause Hence, our services turn out to be extremely project and situation driven and are versatile and adaptable, a fruit of our passion to offer only the best and to continue to improve and hone our craft. These services are derived from our core competencies have been carefully nurtured and have since formed the foundation of both our work ethic and our working capabilities. Please take a look at our various services and get in touch with us to start a fruitful partnership.

Designed to Deliver

Our team of Railways and engineering veterans
are continuously stretching the boundaries of capability and reliability
through insightful design.

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